Boudoir Photography NYC - Subtly Sexy by Lisa Pearlman

I am absolutely certain that I was born with three gifts. 1st, I have always had a real eye for fashion. 2nd is my love and passion for photography, and lastly is my ability to make people around me feel truly comfortable. These 3 gifts are what make me good at what I do: boudoir photography.

What does this mean for you?  My gifted eye helps me to produce stylish & editorial-looking images that are unique. No 2 shoots are ever the same. I believe this is what makes them fine-art boudoir; and because they aren’t trendy they will stand the test of time (not to stay I don’t want you to come back and visit me again!).


Boudoir Photography NYC

I am a well-trained photographer, having studied here in NYC at International Center for Photography and at the Santa Fe Photographic Works. Unlike most boudoir photographers though, I have been collecting vintage fashion photography for 20 years and have amassed a large collection of pieces that are glamorous and sensual mostly from the 50’s through the 80’s; pieces by the real stars such as: Irving Penn, Lillian Bassman, Horst B Horst and William Klein. This has been a completely different education but one I consider equally important.


Boudoir Photography NYC - Subtly Sexy

Making you feel comfortable is the most important gift I can offer.  You will know from the first time we communicate that I’m pretty good at this.  I’m just a people person. Please, if you have a minute read, I'd love for you to read my testimonials. I always plan to meet on a separate occasion before the shoot so we can get to know each other by chatting about our families, careers, and other interests. If this isn’t possible, we can Skype at a convenient time for you. Hopefully, this will give you great piece of mind before the day of the shoot.


Why is being comfortable so important?  I strongly believe that women are at their most beautiful selves when they are comfortable and that is what I want to capture in our session. Being comfortable is also important because it helps for you to build trust in me and to feel safe in my studio.  You should know that all the women on this website are models. You and possibly your significant other will be the only ones to ever see your photos. Also, for your comfort my team is all female.
I believe strongly in collaboration. It was by collaborating with a model several years ago that I fell into doing boudoir. At our first meeting, I’ll ask you a lot of questions so I can get a feel for what kind of shoot you want to do.


Boudoir Photography NYC - Subtly Sexy
Toy Poodle

Every woman’s taste is different; while one woman wants the skimpiest, laciest lingerie to feel her sexiest, another feels most sexy when wearing her boyfriend's big sweater (obviously with my styling). We will build a Pinterest board together of the images you feel are most sexy and I’ll throw out ideas at you and you’ll tell me when one grabs you.

Lastly, you should know that I love to entertain. I consider you my guest for the day. There will be sparkling beverages, treats to eat, and your favorite playlist. Sitting at the make-up station, I want you to feel like a supermodel and when your all done and dressed you should feel like a beautiful guest at a party for two. You don’t need to know a thing, I will coach you through the whole session. One thing I know for certain.  We are going to have a really good time!

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact me!

Boudoir Photography NYC - Subtly Sexy