Our journey begins after you contact me, via any method of communication that you are most comfortable with. I will always try to respond back within 24 hours.
We will start with an in-person consultation over coffee or tea to help me understand your vision for your session, and for us to get to know each other. This as a collaboration. I want to know why you’re doing a boudoir session; as a gift for your partner or yourself? What kind of feel are you going for? Do you want the shoot to be sophisticated, fine-art, or daring? Do you want to show off your body, or would you like to be as modest as possible? Don’t worry if you do not have something already in mind, as we will build your perfect boudoir session together. Or, if it is not convenient to meet in person, we can speak via Skype, FaceTime, telephone, or email.

Once you have selected the package and made your 50% deposit, we will select a date and time that works with your desires and schedule. We will then begin with a shared Pinterest board which will serve as our‘mood board’ for the shoot (if you are not technophobic).

Before you arrive:
• Try to get a good night’s sleep and make sure you are well hydrated.
• Please use lots of moisturizer on all of your skin, not just your face.
• It is imperative that you do not use any tanning products, as this will cause your skin to come out blotchy.
• Please have well-manicured fingernails with a neutral, or classic red color (trendy colors are not recommended as this will be a keepsake for many years)
• It’s best to arrive with clean ready-to-style (or already styled) hair and a clean, well moisturized face (with little, to no, makeup).
• Be sure to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing so as to avoid any marks or indentations that can develop on your skin from tight garments.  
• We understand that some women will prefer to do their own makeup,  but due to the lighting required and types of cameras being used, we believe it is critical that you allow our professional makeup artist to work their magic.
• Be sure to bring anything meaningful items that you would like incorporated in the shoot (such as sports jerseys, a favorite nightgown, your favorite jewelry, etc), as well as any accessories and/or shoes (please be sure to bring the highest heels that you own to accentuate your legs)
• Go shopping! Buy something that fits you perfectly right now. If you are going for a sexy shoot, please bring at least one set of a bra and panties. Properly fitting garments can make or break the retouching process.

When you arrive:
The first thing we will do together is discuss and select your wardrobe from the items you have brought along with items from my boudoir closet. I have an extensive collections of lingerie, shoes, and accessories for my clients that you are welcome to use. Everything is perfectly laundered. Many of the models you see on the website are wearing pieces from my collection.
After we have picked out your wardrobe is when the pampering begins!

It takes about an hour and a half to have your makeup professionally applied. Our artist will work with us to decide on the right style of makeup for the look we want to achieve (natural, sultry, etc). If you have chosen the optional hair styling (an extra fee), this will take some additional time as it will depend on what needs to be done.  During your pampering you will be provided treats and drinks; while your favorite music is playing to get your in the mood, and we will chat, get to know each other better, laugh, and relax! I want you to enjoy the experience of being a super model!

Now that you are looking gorgeous, it’s lights-camera-action time. Depending on the package you have chosen, the shooting time will range from 1 - 4+ hours.
The team in the room will be all women: you, myself, and 1-2 female assistant to help move and control the lighting equipment and handle other technical tasks, as well as the makeup artists and possibly the hair stylist (if chosen).  During shooting I will personally coach you on poses, styling, and expressions; no modeling experience expected! This day is 100% about you and what you want, as such I will never pressure or push you into doing anything that you are not comfortable with; you may be as modest, or as daring, as suits your personality. Also, so that you don’t go home empty handed, we promise to take some photos of you with your phone for fun. The object of the day is to have a good time!

Once the shoot is wrapped up, the 2nd payment needs to be made. We make a date (1-2 weeks after) for you to come back for your private viewing and that's when you'll make your selections. Those selections will then get Photoshopped and album will be arranged, once the album is ready, you may come pick it up in person or we can arrange to have it shipped to a location of your choice.

If you are doing the shoot as a gift, we strongly recommend booking your shoot 8 weeks out from the date that you will require your items to be finished and delivered, due to the extensive process involved.

For even more information, don't forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!