1. Capture this Moment in Time
No matter what your age, 20 or 50,  it's NEVER too late to document your beauty and sexuality. Your beauty is distinct at every stage of your life and deserves to be celebrated! Your sexuality becomes more established as you get older, and as a result, you become more confident. One day (or hopefully every day), or on the days you aren't feeling your best, you will open your album and be reminded of how gorgeous you are. My photos are tasteful, beautiful, and fine art inspired, and you will be so happy that you did our boudoir shoot!

2. Reward Yourself
Maybe you have achieved a goal that you had set for yourself: received a promotion at work, bought a new apartment, got married, just had a baby, graduated with a new degree, or are approaching an important birthday. Each time you look back at your album, you'll reminisce not only about your beauty and sensuality, but it will also serve as a reminderof the happiness and feelings of pride you had at the time of the shoot.

3. Flaunt it
You work hard. You hit the gym, count the carbs, and take care of yourself! It's time to show it all off! No matter what your age, don't let all that hard work go to waste. You put in the time and the sweat, now it's your turn to display how far you've come! I have many friends in their fifties who confess to me that after all those spinning classes their bodies are hotter now than they were when they were in their twenties. Be proud of who you are and who you've become!

4. Celebrate being single
Maybe you're going through a difficult breakup, or all of your friends are getting married. You don't need to have a significant partner in your life to feel beautiful and sexy...sexy is a state of mind! A boudoir shoot is going to make you feel sexier than you can imagine. We often forget how important it is to feel sexy; do it as a gift to yourself, as a symbol of how strong and fearless and gorgeous you are no matter what you might be going through.

5. Getting Married
This one doesn't need much further explanation. You are naturally going to celebrate this magnificent time and give him a gift that will leave him weak in the knees. Let me tell you a little secret: a boudoir session is a really a gift for you both. You're the one who is getting totally pampered, wearing your hot new lingerie, and having a blast modeling for your photos.

6. To Boost Confidence
Maybe you are feeling like you aren't looking your best, well this is the precise time that you should do a boudoir shoot. You are in need of a reminder of how beautiful and sexy you are. No matter your size or shape,, a well-trained photographer knows exactly how to capture you at your sexiest using flattering lights, finely tuned poses, and professional retouching. Once you see these photographs, you will definitely be on your way out of your rut.

7. Have a Day of Pampering
Treat yourself! Indulge in the glamour and experience of being a part of a boudoir shoot that is just like an editorial shoot for a model, which includes professional makeup application, hair styling,, wardrobe styling, and bubbly drinks and delicious treats. I love entertaining, and this will basically be your own private boudoir party. You'll be in good hands with my highly trained team of experts. I always recommend that you make fun plans to go out the night after your shoot,  because you will be looking like a million bucks and you'll definitely have an extra spring in your step!

8. It's Empowering
Maybe you're feeling shy and self conscious about doing a boudoir shoot. You may feel inhibited. This is not uncommon, but I guarantee you that this feeling will quickly melt away. If you need assurance, I will do my best to get you on the phone with a past client. By doing something that might be on the borders of your comfort zone, you are growing! Facing your fears only reaffirms the strong, bold woman that you know you are! These photos will serve as a lasting reminder of your beauty and strength!

9. It's an Investment
No matter what your personal reason is for choosing to have a boudoir session, this is an investment in yourself! Professional boudoir photos of yourself are a timeless keepsake, and the memory of your boudoir day will be a lasting and cherished experience. My photos are tasteful and elegant and are meant to stand the test of time. I hope when you are not feeling your prettiest or your strongest that looking at your beautiful album will raise your mood and make you feel empowered.